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Practicing law is serious business, but not just for lawyers and clients - -  the television, publishing, and movie sectors thrive on legal themes, and lawyers have probably provided more  joke-fodder than any other professional group. LegaLITE is our collection of law-related television, movies, books, jokes, art, and other links that we hope you will find interesting or enjoyable.
Law & Order - the REAL series. Re-runs daily on this excellent series about the police who catch the bad guys and the lawyers who prosecute them. JAG
The thrill of military justice in investigations & prosecutions by members of the Judge Advocate General's navy lawyers
The West Wing - A favorite of critics and viewers - Lots of lawyers in key roles. "The Practice"
Comprehensive fan site devoted to ABC's series about the trials and tribulations of members of a small Boston defense firm.
Judging Amy - Superior Court Judge Amy Gray's family court docket is as interesting as her  mother's social work cases. Explores real issues in family & juvenile law. Real Court TV
There's only ONE Judge Judy!
Court TV
24-hours a day of   crime and justice -  broadcasts live trials by day and crime stories at night
American Justice - an inside view of the controversial aspects of criminal law in America
Family Law
Series about a divorce lawyer whose hubby cleans out her office and steals her clients!
  A.U.S.A. - Sitcom about inexperienced federal prosecutors in the Big Apple.
The Avengers
Clever TV spy-spoof from the 1960s
"Ally McBeal
Quote Page and Episode Guide with pictures
LA Law - Debuted in 1986 and currently in reruns on cable TV Perry Mason
Everyone's favorite defense attorney. Book about the series.
Just Cause -Ex-con earns law degree from "Internet law school" and badgers big law firm into hiring her as a paralegal and helping her seek a pardon.  Hmmm. Queens Supreme - Cancelled after a few weeks run in 2003.
Crossing Jordan - Agressive  M.E. with checkered past is  forensic detective. Jill Hennessey from early Law & Order seasons stars. << Back to Legalite  categories
Law & Order Special Victims Unit - Spin-off from the regular L&O series, focusing on  - you guessed it - special victims.

MOVIES . . .

A Civil Action-
  Travolta shines/ based on a true story
Erin Brokovich - Julia Roberts is the feis
ty legal assistant who uncovers toxic torts & brings PG&E to its knees
Fire Down Below- Steven Segal as EPA agent fighting corrupt big business

The Winslow Boy
English House of Lords - "Let right be done..."
Amistad- Presidential and international law
Red Corner
- Richard Gere shanghaid by Chinese law
Return to Paradise - American imprisoned in Malaysia for drugs
Judgement at Nuremburg- War crimes trial of judges who served the Nazis
The Last Wave - Australian lawyer defends Aborigines

The Rainmaker -- Underdog Mark Damon wins case for insurance fraud in this Grisham tale.

The Verdict - Paul Newman is alcoholic lawyer trying medical malpractice case
The Firm - Young lawyer joins big firm & discovers  its sinister side
Mystery, Alaska- Sports lawyer helps hockey team, then dies

Star Wars: The First Episode  - A different kind of jury...

Double Jeopardy - "Murder isn't always a crime...."
To Kill a Mockingbird
-  Alabama lawyer defends accused rapist
- Pacino's star-making role as an honest cop fighting police corruption
TwelveAngryMen - Dissenting juror in murder trial convinces others

U.S. Marshalls  -
US Marshalls chase accused robber & murderer The Fugitive - wrongfully convicted Dr. Kimble flees  U.S. Marshalls
Witness for the Prosecution - Agatha Christi whodunnit

Snake Eyes - Nicholas Cage and Gary Sinise star
The Client - Susan Sarandon helps young client in Grisham tale
The Insider -Based on true story of tobacco industry whistleblower
Presumed Innocent - DA Harrison Ford prime suspect in killing his assistant DA girlfriend
Con Air- Miscarriage of justice

Legally Blonde - Reese Witherspoon is "Elle" in this 'Rodeo Drive  goes Harvard' comedy.
The Paper Chase
- law school
"You have to choose between the girl you love and the diploma you've worked for all your life. You have 30 seconds."

Devil's Advocate - It's hard to 'out-nasty' Ol' Nick, but Keanu does a fair job of it.
Inherit the Wind (a/k/a/ Scopes monkey trial)- Clarence Darrow & William Jennings Bryan square off over the right to teach evolution

Legally Blonde 2-
Elle & Bruiser take DC by storm. "One house, two parties!"
Trial and Error - Sheinfeld is actor impersonating a lawyer 
Wag the Dog-  WEIRD Politics
Liar, Liar-Comedy about a lawyer-dad forced to tell the truth


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Play "BILL OF RIGHTS GOLF" Constitutional Trivia Quiz
Take a VIRTUAL TOUR of  the US SUPREME COURT Law Journal Extra
News, employment, info for practice areas, technology and links to law firms
Meet the US Supreme Court Justices Clarence Darrow Homepage
Talk about Crime and Weird Punishments . . .  The Crime Library - classic crime stories of the world's most despicable villains
Court TV Online - U.S. headlines and stories of investigations, cases, crime Cops Online - Police news, videos, weird stories, books, jobs, cartoons, and more. . .
Cops dk  - Law Enforcement Search Engine  with links to everything law enforcement.  Exploring Constitutional Conflicts
Law & Order Repeat Offenders File
Tongue-in-cheek spoof of the real television series.
Picturing Justice
On-line journal of law and popular culture
HEAR Nixon's Watergate Tapes << Back to Legalite  categories

BOOKS . . .

Read excepts from some of the books below. Multiple links for authors and books are sometimes included..

CATHERINE ARNOLD - Class Action, Due Process, Imperfect Justice

DAVID BALDACCI - -The Winner, The Simple Truth, Absolute Power, Total Control, Saving Faith

PATRICIA CORNWELL - Polyhedra,Black Notice, Point of Origin, All That Remains, Cruel and Unusual, Cause of Death, Body of Evidence, Post Mortem, The Body Farm, From Potter's Field, Unnatural Exposure

JOHN GRISHAMTheBrethren, The Chamber, The Testament, TheClient, TheFirm, ThePartner, ThePelicanBrief, Rainmaker, TheRunawayJury, TheStreetLawyer, ATime toKill
John Grisham Books Trivia Quiz,

ERIC HARRY - Invasion, Arc Light, Protect and Defend, Society of the Mind: A Cyberthriller

NANCY KOPP - Absent Witness,With Intent to Kill

STEVE MARTINI - Prime Witness (1993), Undue Influence (1994), The Judge (1996), The Simeon Chamber, (1987),The List (1997), Critical Mass (1998), The Attorney (2000)

SCOTT TUROW - PersonalInjuries, Burden of Proof, Pleading Guilty, Laws of Our Fathers

IF YOU LIKE LEGAL THRILLERS, TRY . . .List of (and links to) legal "thriller" authors and books, from "Hot Titles", compiled by Don Sakers

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JOKES and HUMOR . . .

'Lectric Law Library's "A Short History Of Lawyers"

'Lectric Law Library's "Quotes Regarding Lawyers"

Actual Lawyer Humor

Lawyer Joke Emporium

The Funniest Darn Lawyer Jokes In The WDWW ("Whole Darn Wide World")

Outrageous Lawsuits

Lawyer Humor - links to Lawyer Jokes, Riddles, Courtroom Humor, Funny and Weird Court Cases 

Scroom Times Short Lawyer Jokes

'Lectric Law Library's "Some Lawyer's Questions from Official Court Records"

"Legal Jokes" - categorized by subject matter


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ART . . .
Trevor Goring's "IMAGES OF JUSTICE" - An Artist's Vision of Justice and the Law, promoting the history and symbolism of law through original paintings, prints, books, exhibitions and lectures 

Law-related Cartoons from  American Royal Arts Theme Gallery; More cartoons 

Attorney Clip Art ; more lawyer clip art; Soc.Sec.Disability cartoons

Moby's favorite lawyer cartoons

Artsy gifts for the lawyer;

Lawyer Prints & Collectibles from Designs, Etc.

Lawyer figurine; throwornament

 Sculptures of Themis, Goddess of Justice
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